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Heart stimulant injection

Regain 100% of HP immediately

Adrenaline injection

Regain 100% of SP immediately

Network hacking

The time of appearance of your location in the enemy' radar gets decreased.

Body armor

Remove shell shock

Receiver grip

Accuracy of primary weapons gets increased

Stock pad

Controllability of primary weapons gets increased

JSP bullet

Damage of primary weapons gets increased

Tactical arm guard

The speed of aiming gets increased

Magazine grip

The speed of reloading gets increased.


The speed of weapon changes gets increased.

Magazine pouch tv1

The number of magazines for primary weapons gets increased

Magazine pouch tv2

The number of magazines for pistols gets increased.

Knife pouch

The number of throwing a knife gets increased.

Bulletproof suit

The defense level gets increased.


The damage from smoke bomb gets decreased


The damage from flare bomb gets decreased

Smoke cannister

The time of smoke bomb effect gets increased

Leg armor

The maximum amount of Stamina gets increased

Speed Up

Increases movement by 40%


No damage for falling

Bomb Damage Up

Increases Damage of all Bomb

Bomb Radius Up

Increases blast radius of all Bomb

Sub Gun Receiver Grip

Increase sub Weapons Accuracy

Sub Gun Stock Pad

Increases sub Weapons Controllability

Sub Gun JSP bullet

Increases sub Weapons Damage

Sub Gun Tactical Arm Guard

Increases sub Weapons Aiming Speed

Sub Gun Magazine Grip

Increases sub Weapons Reloading Speed