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Operation7 Revolution is a FPS game and players can use many kinds of guns. The game supports more than 60 guns and 400 items to modify weapons. With weapon assembly, players can assemble the weapons they want. You can experience reality and customizable weapons with reflecting real weapons and weapon assemble system. Systems which are aiming, lean, close combat, knife and hand grenade for adjusting distance and time enhance for real play.



connect general channel if you want to combat the players on network. connect clan channel if you want to combat the other clans.


You can join or create the combat in the lobby. You can play with different game mode and maps supported in Operation7 Revolution.

Waiting Match

Status must be ‘Ready’ in Waiting Match in order to join the combat. If you want to change the weapons or use shop or items before combat, Status must be ‘Wait’.


Primary weapon can be assembled in 7 parts. Attachments are useful for combat, such as Grip, grenade, shotgun, tripod, RMR and etc. Have your own unique weapons with Weapon Assemble System.

Weapon skill point

Whenever you combat , you can get Skill Points. You may unlock the components with Skill Points. You can check Skill Points and components in Customize.


Lean mode is used with Gyro Sensor of Dual shock. Firing is R2 and Zooming is L2. When using attachments or throwing weapons, press Cross / Triangle / Square buttons with holding L1 / R1. Users can customize the key setting in the Option.